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I think all plastic spintops should be prepped

How to tape a Duncan Spin Top

How to tape a Duncan Spin Top

Protect your top!

Winding (right handed)

  • need diagram
  • first few wraps tight

Basic Throw (right handed)

String / Chord management

  • Length: relative to size and weight of the top, not the size of the player.
    • If too long, top will be leaning away from you after a boomerang, leaning towards you if too short.
    • Optional: adjust throw to compensate;
      • throw with tip leaning away from you (underhand) if string is too short
      • twist wrist toward body as you throw if string is too long
    • Testing length - wind extra chord on button before to test before you make the final cut.
  • Thickness: use thicker chord if you want to play with a shorter string and visa-versa
  • Slips out of botton - figure 8 knot / button wrap

Balancing Spin Tops

  • ...

Throwing Koma Edit

If the koma has a flat top a knot can be captured against it and wound as with a normal top. If it's convace and there is nowhere to secure the knot (Spingear Hayabusa/Mozu etc.) the string can either be pinned against the side rim of the top, or a loop tied into the end of the string. A larger loop increases the chance of it release cleanly after a boomerang.