The Metal STB (tentatively named the STB 2.0 FAJ) or STB 3.0 is a spin top produced by Strummol8. It is made of aluminum with nickel plating, and features a modular, interchangeable tip system. The cap is treated with a hard oxidation while the body portion remains untouched, but for looks, the latter would slowly oxidize over time.

The Metal STB was first announced on the Strummol8 Fan Page on Facebook in July 2014, with an unveiling of the prototype in August at the 2014 World Yo-Yo Contest in Prague, Czech Republic. In October 2014, a pre-order batch of Metal STB's became available as a limited edition kit on YoYoExpert.Com. This kit comes included with the top, three tip parts (fixed tip, ball bearing, and one-way bearing), a custom string with poker chip button, and maintenance tools, all in a heavy-duty Pelican case. The pre-order kits had since shipped in December 2014.

The first release Metal STB's were completed in February 2015, and are shipped to various retailers outside of Italy. Again, they come as a limited edition kit, complete with the top, tools, a string with a poker chip button, three tips, all in a Pelican case.

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  • The "FAJ" in the Metal STB's tentative name stands for "Full Aluminum Jacket".